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Welcome everybody I suggest you to share a pictorial visit with me about my activities, hobbies and memories.

I classified them according to several items.

 "ACTIVITIES" refers to my actual life, my family and my hobbies.
Ski and flight are my main leisure activities, I live near famous ski resorts in Savoie and I have the opportunity to fly at the Albertville aeroclub and fly over the mountains of the area.

 "FRANCE" is limited to the two areas where I spend most of my time, Berry and particularly Brenne, my original country, and also Savoie, my second home country.

 "EUROPE" shows pictures taken during short stays in some neighbouring countries.

 "MONDE" would like to remind some countries where I had once an opportunity to pass.

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Credits •Pictures : personal pictures and contribution of :
      Marjorie Barrier, Marie Chambas, Marie-Pierre Chenal, Ulysse Chenal, Muriel Dufrien, Nathalie Kempinaire, Xavier Ragotin, Énimie Reumaux, Sylvain Romanet, Candice Salmon, Jean-Christophe Salmon, Claude Sergent, Monique Sergent, Christian Silvestre, Guy Tagliabue, Éliane Vaudey and Yoan Villien.
•Videos : personal videos and contribution of :
   Ulysse Chenal and Claude Sergent. Ski videos were taken by Jean-Christophe and Frédéric Salmon.
•Assistance to the conception of the site and use of html language : Jean-Christophe Salmon.
   Lot of thanks to all of them.
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